Ladies and Gentlemen the First Annual SAG Watchdog Militant Dipsticks Award!!!

This belated award is in honor of all those brave SAG AFTRA members who stood up for their fellow members and beloved unions during the six month strike of 2000,

The term Militant Dipstick was coined by that fine actor Bob Clendenin.  Two of my favorite credits of Mr. Clendenin’s, are  1999 8MM Porn Clerk (uncredited) and more recently 2012 The League (TV series) Homeless Man #1  Great job Bob!

Mr. Clendenin says he chose to sit out the 2000 strike because he disagreed with the tactic of picketing.  Thus, reportedly while thousands of his fellow union members put their careers on the line by facing their employers on the picket line–apparently, he ‘drew the line’ at his couch.  I ain’t saying how much time he spent there, but, but, but…I heard that there are a couple of kids out there who doubled their allowance, in change, during the strike just by lifting a couple  of cushions when the Ol’ man wasn’t around!

Anyway folks here it is: 

The Ist Annual Militant Dipstick Award





And According to the Judge (me,) the winner of the award is the old dude that was born to picket…..The SAG Watchdog!!!!


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

*To be fair Robert Clendenin was true to his principles eschewing the picket lines during the entire six months of the strike….ahhh, except for once and that was when he was, ah, encouraged  to do so by his agent.  Hey, Bobo, (My affectionate name for him) may be principled but he ain’t stupid!

Oh, and Robert is encouraged to respond to this post in the area below if he feels that anything I said was not factual.  (Okay, I might have exaggerated the change in the couch  thing)  Uh, and if you  run into Bobo on an audition and you’re one of those ‘Militant Dipsticks’ who stood up for your union, when it needed you, you might let Mr. Clendenin know.  (With a smile now)

I’m sure he’d appreciate it.