A panel Q&A on Social Media and The VO Actor!!!

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Bob Bergen posted in LA UNION V.O. ACTORS! .       Bob Bergen April 14 at 3:46pm   Hi Gang! On April 20, I will be moderating a panel Q&A on Social Media and The VO Actor at 7pm. RSVP details are below. As you probably know, more and more of our career is being dictated and demanded by a social media presence. My vo agent is seeing casting breakdowns that ask for “only actors with 20,000 social media followers to be submitted.” It’s like an electronic Nielsen Rating! This event will discuss everything from a social media presence to social media management as it pertains to the voice-over actor. As well as common social media mistakes that have damaged careers without the actor even knowing about it!! Space is limited, so RSVP ASAP! Best! Bob Bergen http://www.sagaftra.org/los-angeles-local/local-events/tweeting-your-voiceover-career-april-20 Tweeting Your Voiceover Career, April 20 | SAG-AFTRA www.sagaftra.org When: 7 – 9 p.m., Wednesday, April 20 Where: SAG-AFTRA PlazaJames Cagney Boardroom – Lobby Level5757.


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