It is a matter of TRUST! And that is why the SAG Watchdog is coming out AGAINST the current leaderships proposed DUES INCREASE!


In itself, a dues increase is not a bad thing—if the money is to be used for the benefit of the membership!

Look, I am in favor of charity, but I don’t make contributions to solicitors at the airport or in front of a shopping center. First off, I DON’T KNOW THEM, and experience has taught me NOT TO TRUST THEM!

Well, pretty much the same thing applies to those now asking for my money in the form of a dues increase. The only difference is THAT I DO KNOW THEM— and experience has taught me NOT TO TRUST THEM!

One only had to be at the last Hollywood Membership Meeting to witness the obfuscation, and misleading answers given to members during the Open Mike Segment of the Meeting.

It’s a matter of Trust!

For instance, after hearing SAG attorney David White’s explanation concerning the controversial dues extension for board members, most members left believing that it HAD NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED! Wrong!

It’s a matter of Trust!

And, it was only after a series of follow up phone calls that Mr. White, through his go-between, SAG Senior staffer Michelle Bennett, finally admitted that it had BEEN IMPLEMENTED! Board Members now have up to Six Months, minus one day, to pay their dues—and still sit in the boardroom!

It’s a matter of Trust!

Then of course, there was SAG VP Mike Farrell & SAG Secretary Treasurer James Cromwell’s assertion that they had gone on the record when voting “YES” on that dues “Extension!” A check of the Board Meeting Minutes proved that statement to be UNTRUE!

It’s a matter of Trust!

And those of you at the meeting might remember when SAG Senior Staffer Sallie Weaver assured us that there was NO “made in/played in deal” where members could do non-signatory foreign commercials! Well, I sent a registered letter to Ms. Weaver over a month ago asking her to put her assertion in writing! I then, later, at her office’s request put it in an e-mail! I have yet to receive a response! (More on this later) Hey, I learned along time ago if they aren’t willing to put it writing, you can’t trust them!

It’s a matter of trust!

Now, Mr. Pisano assures us that he will not advise Consolidation unless he receives a “Broad Consensus”of support from SAG’s Hollywood Board!

Well, let me remind you that this is the same Mr. Pisano that recently accepted a renewal of his three year contract at around a *moneyHALF A MILLION in total benefits and perks annually— although he had far from a Broad Consensus on his rehiring! Unless of course he considers it a Broad Consensus when OVER 30 PERCENT of the National Board and TWO THIRDS OF THE HOLLYWOOD BOARD VOTED AGAINST HIS REHIRING!

It would seem that IF Mr. Pisano truly believed in the ‘Broad Consensus’ litmus test—he would have resigned. Oh, by the way, TWO THIRDSof the National Hollywood Board voted that Mr. Pisano had a Conflict of Interest in his relationship with Netflix!

And now while in the process of asking us to vote for a dues increase, they have the audacity to waste our dues money on this skewed ATA/NATR Phone Survey in the guise of an Outreach Program!

Yes, it comes down to a matter of trust! That’s why your Ol’ SAG Watchdog is voting NO on this Dues Extension!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !