Hasbro’s SHOUT SAG Leadership Never SCENE IT Coming! Or did they? And are they just BLINDSIDING the Membership on what could possibly be a revenue stream of BILLIONS? Read on!


So, NINE SAG MEMBERS NOT OF ALL OF WHOM WERE ELECTED BY THE MEMBERSHIP just passed a “Waiver” which deals with a revenue stream of possibly *moneyBILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Monday, June 30, 2003

Seattle company, Mattel join forces

‘Revolutionary’ product weds DVD to board game



What started as a lively Halloween party activity 11 years ago could turn into one of the hottest concepts in board game history.

At least that’s the hope of Screenlife, the Seattle maker of the DVD trivia game Scene It?, and Mattel Inc., the El Segundo, Calif., toy and game maker.

Today, the two companies announced a multiyear licensing agreement that could bring Scene It? to the living rooms and television sets of millions of Americans.

Screen life co-founder and Chief Executive Dave Long, who came up with the idea for a trivia game that combines movie clips on TV with a traditional board game, said the deal could make the game franchise worth $1 billion. Mattel will lend its marketing, manufacturing and distribution muscle to the $40 board game, which debuted last October in select retail locations. As part of the deal, Mattel will unveil a television campaign this fall with celebrities who are featured in the game. The toy giant, which owns Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price, also has agreed to license 16 additional DVD trivia products from Screen life over the next five years.

“This really helps take us to the next level,” said Long, who plans to unveil a second version of the game next month and a kids’ version in fall.

Mattel also is enthusiastic about the project. Phil Jackson, vice president of games and puzzles marketing, said the game “is truly revolutionary” and is “the next generation of board games.”

“I’ve been in the game industry 20 years, and I am not looking at this with a hit mentality,” said Jackson. “I am looking at this from the standpoint as a new category of games.”

Players attempt to recognize celebrities from high school photographs or actors who have been digitally removed from movie scenes. They also answer trivia questions in an effort to win.

Long declined to say if Mattel was taking an equity stake in the company or paying cash for the licensing agreement. However, the former real estate executive, who founded Screen life last year with Craig Kinzer, said the start-up had multiple offers from game companies. The company, with 12 employees, does not disclose sales figures. But Long said the game outperformed Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Cranium in each of their debut holiday seasons.

Scene It?, which features clips from 180 movies and 400 celebrities, has been the best-selling game at Woodinville online retailer Give A Game for the past five months.


But, wait there’s more! Read this from About Board Games.com

Scene It?

One of the 50 most significant games published since 1800

Scene It? (compare prices) was published in 2002 by Screenlife, and it was designed by Dave Long and Craig Kinzer.

A movie trivia game, Scene It? stands out because it uses DVD technology. But it’s also a very good movie trivia game.

Why It’s Significant (in 25 words or less): Scene It? incorporated a DVD into gameplay, and it introduced an entirely new random-access DVD technology that could be used in many other games.

Huh? Does CEO Pisano or anyone at the SAG Leadership do research? Do they have computers? Are they just down right incompetent? Or are their more sinister things going on here?

So, I put it too you! If you were the CEO of SAG and you read the above two articles would you leave the HASBRO decision-making concerning one of the most significant game formats since 1800, that’s potentially worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, to a committee of THIRTEEN! An UNIFORMED committee that isn’t completely made up of elected officials.

Oh, by the way, Guess what, folks? Mattel is now reporting their game SCENE IT is ” …THE FASTEST SELLING Independent game of ALL TIME!”

All of this, and when it comes down to it, this Hasbro NONNEGOTIABLE “giveaway” was made by ONLY NINE SAG MEMBERS!

Oh, boy! How many *moneyMILLIONS in P&H and DUES did the “Giveaway Nine” just DUMP?

You, know, folks, we try to have a little fun while getting the facts out to you, but I gotta tell you that it’s hard to have fun when you have to report a travesty like this.

Oh, well, in the immortal words of comic Joe E. Lewis “It’s post time!”

A.L. Miller SW’s (soon to plastered) Award Winning Editor & Chief WOOF !