A SAG Watchdog Rexclusive! Read closely, “I depreciate It!”

Okay, okay, I know the Ol’ Dog don’t get many ‘Hot’ stories like trade paper icons such as Variety‘s McNary or the Reporter‘s Handel, BUT once in a while…welllll!

So, anyway I was watching the congressional hearings the other day and it dawned on me that “Hey,  I know that four star general testifying but his name ain’t Dempsey, it’s, why. it’s Whitey from the Bowery Boys!”  Look, I was going to dazzle you with all sorts of scenarios to prove my point, but, but, but…better I put just one question to you” “Ah, have you ever seen them together…?”



Yikes! Anyway, if I’m on to something don’t be surprised if my next post comes to you from Hong-Kong!


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

Tongue in Cheek emoticon (Playful and cheeky emoticons)

PS:  But seriously, folks, The Ol’ Dog is a big fan of The Bowery Boys and “Whitey,” Billy Benedict.  If you’re interested in their films you can find them on the Internet. And as a matter of fact, I saw one of their last films “Dig That Uranium” on TCM not long ago.  Speaking of Uranium, you see that’s one of my theories. Whitey got a high dose of the stuff and…huh?  Sorry folks I got to go it’s time for my meds.