Unite For Strength Candidate calls AFTRA a “Cheap, boozy little Whore!”


Every Time UFS supporter Sally Field opens her mouth, whether in the press or on a Unite For Strength flier or mailer, she feels compelled to mention that, “One Membership First board member went so far as to publicly call AFTRA “a scumbag union!”

This is the kind of smear type tactics that Ms. Field and UFS seems to be comfortable withthe idea being that because one Membership First board member, on her own, expressed her personal opinion of AFTRA, it somehow represents the mindset of the entire Membership First leadership.

Well, if those are the rules Ms. Field and the UFS slate want to play by, then the Ol’ Dog thinks it is only fair to reveal what a “Unite For Strength” Candidate said publicly about AFTRA.

Here is what one UFS candidate called AFTRA!

“A Cheap, boozy little whore!”

But this USF Candidate didn’t stop there. He had more to say about AFTRA,

“Go to Hell AFTRA. Go Straight to Hell. Bill Daniels was right; It’s a crummy little union. And even that’s being complimentary.

Whew, well one thing we’ve learned here folks!

Candidates from both sides AGREE on their opinion of AFTRA–and its despicable, and unconscionable treatment of actors by undercutting their minimums and giving away their residuals in order to bolster AFTRA’s coffers.

If you want to know why this Unite For Strength” candidate is so angry at AFTRA, listen to his story:

I did a week-long guest lead on Nick’s “Drake and Josh” last year and, aside from the obscenely low weekly contract amount, the only thing I’ve gotten since then is unending adoration from 8-14 year olds. They’ve run, and continue to run, that episode frequently – and not a thin dime has come my way in residual payments. Did I miss my “back end” check somehow? Oh, wait – you must be talking about getting it in the other back end.

The UFS candidate is right, here. By giving sweetheart deals to big Corporations like Nickelodeon, Lifetime and Disney hundred of actors are learning the same thing.

And Hundreds more will learn the same thing, once they are themselves screwed by an unscrupulous AFTRA leadership that has proven they will sell them out in order to increase broadcasters’ pension and health, while putting more money in AFTRA’s coffers.

Oh, so Sally, tell us again what a Membership First board member called AFTRAah, only this time, to be fair, tell us what that UFS Candidate, also, called AFTRA.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !