New SAG-AFTRA Commerical Contract: A Closer Look!!!!

Taking a Closer look

First a Peek at the Finances section of the New SAG-AFTRA Constitution.


Merger Agreement
Between Screen Actors Guild and the
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

X11  Finances
C.  Basic Dues

Base dues shall be set at $198.00 annually and may not be increased for the first three (3) years following the Effective Date. Beginning three (3) years after the Effective Date, base dues shall automatically increase 2% annually, unless the National Board determines that a lesser or no increase is appropriate. 


Hmmm…let’s see,  our dues will increase automatically 2% annually, but, but, but wait.  In our new commercial contract proposal, we’re only getting a 6% increase!!  Let’s see…that means that the new Commercials contract 1.5% annual pay raise *(over 4 years) does not keep up with your anticipated dues increase. ( *Remember we got NO PAY INCREASE in 2012)

Hey, to be fair the current UFS leadership pushing this agreement, also want you to use a viewing device while viewing the new contract agreement.

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