Smoking Gun!! AFTRA Rigged Referendum!


The following flyer is being sent to broadcasters by AFTRA’s Leadership in order to solicit their vote on a contract that they don’t work under!

This shameless, blatant appeal, to broadcasters own self-interest, is being done even though they don’t work this contract.

It is being perpetrated by AFTRA’s Leadership in order to manipulate a referendum that will affect actors’ ability to make a living for decades to come. And it is being done in spite of the fact that AFTRA’s Constitution, Article XIII, which applies to this referendum, explicitly states that the only members allowed to vote will be those “affected” by the contract.

So, there you go actors, if AFTRA’s Exhibit A “Giveaway” contract passes, you’ll have the satisfaction that some Disc Jockey in Detroit, Weatherman in Washington, Anchor in Anchorage, Reporter in Raleigh, or Commentator in Columbia will, not only, determine whether you retain consent on clips, keep residuals, or see new media go non-union, but they will increase their pension and health benefits at your expense.

The irony about all this, is that the very same people pushing this contract, are the same ones who want qualified voting for actors, who don’t make enough money under the contracts they work.

Yet, in the case of this referendum, which they support, they have no problem with broadcasters voting on it, even though those broadcaster don’t work it.

Yes, it’s time to do something to get AFTRA off actors back, and I don’t mean merger. For it would, just, mean more of the same, actors’ fate being decided by thousands of broadcaster, who have nothing to do with the acting business.

What can actors do? Well for starters, we can stand together and Vote against this contract!

And if we are outvoted by the Disc Jockeys, Anchormen, Weathermen, correspondents, commentators, reporters and all those others, acting in their own self-interest, we can go to the Department of Labor to protest a referendum rigged in violation of the AFTRA Constitution.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

Actors, remember, a NO Vote on AFTRA’s Exhibit A “Giveaway,” is a YES Vote for your future!

If you’d like to vote YES or NO for the Backstage Poll on the AFTRA Deal, here’s the link to the poll –

However, the real poll is that ballot you received from AFTRA. It must be in by July 8th, 2008.