The Worst Bulletin Board Post of 2012!!!

Worst Post of 2012
Rather than respond at the end of the irresponsible bulletin board post below, I will interject in the body of the post to convey my reaction to the comments made.  And away we go:
So, before there’s anymore talk about getting “more slots” and higher per hour wages and meal penalties for extras – – -Let’s examine why you aren’t being hired to make the noises your visual presence in a production supposedly makes.
It’s very difficult to sympathize with Background Performers whining when there’s this GOLDMINE, this ADR work staring you in the face. Who allows a few wranglers the right to hire their friends, cronies and relative to yak it up in the BACKGROUND and make day-player wages plus residuals for life as though they were some kind of golden asset WHEN IT SHOULD BE BACKGROUND PERFORMERS GOING”walla walla, peas and carrots, rhubarb rhubarb” and not just a few broken down old farts who can’t act their way out of a wet paper bag?
“Old Farts?  This from a guy who is SIXTY NINE YEARS OLD*.  As to ADR Actors doing “walla walla, peas and carrots, rhubarb rhubarb,” this poor fool has no idea what he is talking about!  Does any one in this business seriously think our money savoy employers would pay large groups of actors over $800 each when they could hire them at the background rates of $130 bucks!!!  Duh!”
Why aren’t you looking into it?
“No!  Why didn’t you look into it before besmirching a whole group of very talented actors with your uninformed, slanderous tirade?”
Who is being hired to wrangle these union members into cushy studio “sessions” in order to amass their MAXED-OUT PENSIONS without ever once stepping on a set or showing up at a location?
“Duh, again!  Most of those who wrangle these loop groups  are fine actors who have impressive on-camera careers.”
That lucrative work is right under your nose. And yet, you won’t hear D—- J——- complaining about AFTRA H&R accruing producer contributions instead of SAG-P P&H because D—- J—— IS AMASSING A SECOND MAXED-OUT PENSION on your dime.

“More nonsense from T— L—-!!!!”

I don’t mean to pick on one individual, but something’s wrong here, especially when he stands as a Membership First Great Protector of The Proletariat
while getting goddamn rich in his TWO pension$ – at YOUR EXPENSE. To borrow a phrase from the ubiquitous M– M—: “What’s wrong with you little piggies?” Fighting for a dollar here and a slot there and a meal penalty over here (“Oh, dear, they’re not enforcing the rules”), when YOU should be going for what is rightfully YOURS.  You’re the ones on screen, you’re the ones who’re seen, why aren’t YOU spending a day or two every week in a studio “session” doing the ADR work that is rightfully YOURS, making the sounds that are supposedly coming out of your characters?

  “Earth  to T.L if you are an actor, who is a regular on a long running hit series like M—M— and there are any of your lines, of any consequence, that have to be looped, you will loop your own lines.”

Hell, that’s where the BG residual pool is!  If you’re going to give in to a closed & secret club, a few *noted* wranglers of ADR voices, how do you really expect to be treated when it comes to negotiations?

T— L —-


“And here is what our befuddled poster is basing his knowledge of ADR work on.”

T.L.: I have not done ADR work since ‘way back when I was starting to act professionally.

:  Ah, according to his IMDb page that was back in 1964!!!!  Look,  I have done off camera sportscasters, newscasters and Disc Jockeys–and have been privileged to have spent a lot time on an ADR stage with a lot of ADR actors, and have been blown away by their improvisational talents, dedication to research, and hard work.  And anyone who states that all you have do is mutter, “peas and carrots, rhubarb rhubarb” is well NUTS!!!


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