UFS Grand Mailer..ah, make that 50 Grand!!!! (And MF1st Meeting)


Well, The Ol’ Dog received the Unite For Strength Mailer.  Yikes!  In color!  From those who know such things, I was told, it must have cost at least 50 grand.  But, but, but not to worry, it says right there on the bottom “Not paid for with SAG-AFTRA funds.”  Hell, no need for the disclaimer,  everyone knows that thanks to them our union ain’t got 50 thou.

Look, I’m not gonna go through the whole thing but, rather, just a couple of things on the back:

It says:

“We negotiated a quarter-billion dollar increase to the Commercials Contract.”  One teeny weenie thing they didn’t mention.  In reality, the increase covered a four year period, since our last increase in 2011–which, in fact, made it the worst deal in recent SAG History!!! (1.5% increase per year for four years!)

They also proclaim: “We will streamline services and focus on speeding residuals to  members….”  Oh, I get it they are going to fix what they screwed up!  My residuals average between three & four months months before they get to me.  Before they screwed things up my residuals used to take about a month!

Oh, and they “will take steps to see that our benefits are merged safely and as quickly as possible.”  Is it just me or have we heard that one before?

And, they say, “We will create more jobs through aggressive organizing as we did with the Music Video and Audiobooks contracts.”   You know what that means, “Bathroom privileges for everyone!!!!”  Ah, except Union Background Actors!

Here’s the link to their webpage which has a copy of the entire mailer:


Membership 1st
The Membership 1st Slate of Candidates

Cordially Invites All Actors to attend a Meeting to discuss the important Issues directly affecting Background Actors and their unique place and needs within SAG-AFTRA!


Esai Morales, Candidate for National President of SAG-AFTRA
Jane Austin, Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer of SAG-AFTRA

Sunday, August 4th, 2013
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Encino Community Center
4935 Balboa Drive
Encino, California 91316

The Encino Community Center has seats for 200 People, but this event will be situated much like the normal Holding Areas that we are used to, so please feel free to bring your own Background Actor Chair if you would like to guarantee seating for yourself.

Water will be available, along with the “Token Bucket of Red Twizzlers” for everyone!



The Ol’ SAG Watchdog