You’ve heard about that THREATENING and FRIGHTENING Anonymous MEMO sent to SAG’s Non-represented staff employees. Don’t read this one alone!


Apparently one of the following e-mails upset the SAG Leadership soooo much– with the help of the Restore Respect controlled and compliant SAG National Executive Committee, they spent between *money 50 and a hundred grand of your dues money to get the “culprit.”

Unfortunately, they failed! And unfortunately, they charged a makeup artist–who did nothing more than forward a few emails in opposition to Consolidation!

You only have to read the emails that he forwarded—all of which identify the authors of the contents—and then read the bogus office memo and you quickly realize that they emanate from separate sources!

But don’t take the Ol’ Watchdogs word for it !!

First read the AUTHENTIC e-mail sent from the Human Resources— and Cc’d to over a hundred of SAG’s Non-Represented Staff. And then read the BOGUS EMAIL that apparently only reached a couple of employees!

Okay, here is the AUTHENTIC MEMO from Human Resources.


DATE: on memo June 10, 2003 / Date memo was sent 2003

TO: Non-Represented California Employees

FROM: Human Resources

SUBJECT: Vacation Rollover Options

As you know, if the Consolidation and Affiliation Agreement is ratified, all employees of SAG and AFTRA will become employees of AIMA effective July 2, 2003.

As a result of the Consolidation and Affiliation, you will have a choice with respect to your accrued vacation. You may either (I) roll over your accrued vacation balance to the AlMA plan or (2) receive a cash-out from SAG of your accrued vacation balance, less standard withholdings. You may want to get advice from a tax professional regarding the effect a payout would have on your income tax bracket. Your election will apply to your entire accrued vacation balance; no partial elections will be permitted. If you elect to receive the cash-out, you will not have any vacation at AIMA until you accrue new vacation, and you will have no right to take unpaid leave at AIMA except for statutorily required leaves such as FMLA leave, workers’ compensation leave and the like.

Please make your election in the space provided below and return this form to the Human Resources Department. If you do not make an election by June 24, 2003, your vacation balance will be rolled over to the ATMA vacation plan.

__________I elect to transfer my accrued vacation balance to ATMA, and I hereby consent to such transfer.

__________I elect to receive a cash-out of my accrued vacation balance with SAG. I understand that I will not have any vacation at AIMA until I accrue new vacation, and I understand that I will have no right to take unpaid leave from AIMA except as required by law.


Employee Signature

Now here’s that bogus email that several months ago in the trades, the SAG leadership was portraying as “THREATENING & FIRGHTENING!” As of late they have downgraded it to simply HARRASSING!

Personally, I’d down grade it even further to a DUMB * PRACTICAL JOKE!

Okay now have a gander *shock at the bogus memo and you decide if its * threatening enough for our guild to spend what could end up being hundreds of thousands of our dues *money dollars

From: Human Resources

Sent: (Although this BOGUS email was dated June 20, 2003 for some reason, it was sent to the lawsuit complainant on Tue 6/24/2003 8:29 PM)

To: (Name of ONE Non Represented Staff Employee)

Cc: (No employees were Cc’d in bogus memo)

Subject: Termination Notices and Confidentiality Attachments:


DATE: June 20, 2003

TO. Non-Represented California Employees

FROM. Human Resources

SUBJECT: Termination Notices and Confidentiality

As you know, if the Consolidation and Affiliation Agreement is ratified, all employees of SAG and AFTRA will become employees of AIMA effective July 2, 2003.

Thanks to all of you that have already responded to the request for your Vacation Rollover Options. Remember to make an election by June 24, 2003.

As a result of the Consolidation and Affiliation and our obligation to AFTRA and our membership, certain compromises will have to be made regarding duplication of services and our promise to cut costs. If you are among those we have already spoken to about these issues, please disregard this. The rest of you will be receiving information immediately following the referendum results.

Please be advised that Union Represented J0bs at SAG will be dealt with separately as there are no Union agreements in existence between any employees and AIMA. Concessions may have to be made by many in the beginning but eventually we hope operations will return to normal. Please do not discuss this with union employees.

Some preferences have to be given to AFTRA employees as part of the agreement of the Consolidation Plan with Mr. Hessinger. We hope to avoid any undue hardship. This will also apply to all Branch Employees so you can understand the need for confidentiality.

A few things become readily apparent! First, the bogus memo was obviously an inside job!

Now unless, this makeup artist does President Gilbert’s or CEO Pisano’s makeup, there is no way he would be in the vicinity in order to snatch the original memo– and then parrot it with what is obviously a lot of insight–and inside info.

Secondly, he was called upon by a friend to forward some emails, because his software had the capacity for bulk emailing—not because of his ability to parody office memos.

Pisano, Gilbert, Fleming and the gang are just grasping at straws trying to pin these two completely separate and different cases together! And when the tables turn on them and they try to find a reason for filing this case in the first place, it’s gonna be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Now, the Ol’ Watchdog is not condoning the bogus memo, and we can understand how it might have been mildly disconcerting to any staff member that might have actually received it! I know how I feel when I find out there are 10 other actors on avail for MYpart—, ah, but THREATENING AND FRIGHTENING? *

Actually, what’s really threatening and frightening is the way our SAG leadership is commingling these two different incidences into what could well turn out to be a very *money expensive FISHING EXPEDITION!.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !