SAG-AFTRA Execs Pocket Hefty Pay Raises!


August 11, 2015 6:26pm

EXCLUSIVE: SAG-AFTRA‘s National Executive Director got a $40,798 raise last year and is now making $600,485 a year, according to the union’s latest financial report filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. That’s a 7.3% pay raise for David White, which is nearly three-times the 2.5% raise he negotiated last year on behalf of SAG-AFTRA members working under the union’s film and TV contract.

The 10 highest-paid executives received more than a half-million dollars in raises, despite the fact that membership dues and agency fees – by far the union’s biggest source of income – actually declined by about $1,000 to $91 million and the fact that total receipts fell by $6.4 million to $187.6 million. This downturn, however, was offset by a $6.2 million decline in total disbursements, falling to $162 million during the latest reporting period.

Overall, the guild paid its employees $38,816,923, and despite the big raises for its top executives, that’s only $55,565 more than last year – a negligible increase of a little more than one-tenth of 1%.

The biggest pay raise went to Randall Himes, the union’s Assistant National Executive Director in charge of sound recordings. He got a whopping $157,780 hike – up 72.8% from the previous year — and is now pulling down an annual salary of $374,439, making him the guild’s second-highest-paid official.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the guild’s COO and General Counsel and its second-ranking officer, got an 18.5% raise. Crabtree-Ireland now is making $320,531 annually, up $49,971 from the previous year.

Ray Rodriguez, the guild chief contract officer, got a nice raise too – up 33% to $355,809 a year,  $88,571 more than the year before. CFO Arianna Ozzanto, the union’s chief financial officer, also got a big raise. She’s now making $312,260 a year – up 30% from the previous year.

Mathis Dunn, the guild’s Associate National Executive Director, got an 11.4% pay raise and is now making $291,464 a year. Dunn also racked up the highest expense account: $72,378.

Other members of the executive staff who got pay raises of more than 10% – which is four-times higher than the 2.5% raise that actors got last year – include Chief Broadcast Officer Mary Cavalaro (up 19.3% to $224,397 a year); Chief Human Resources Office Martha Holdridge (up 11.2% to $245,420); Chief Deputy General Counsel Jeffrey Bennett (up 14.3% to $221,430) and Executive Director of New Media Mark Friedlander, up  12.9% to $164,048 before he left the guild earlier this year.

A handful of executives took pay cuts, including Senior Advisor John McGuire (down 8% to $270,406); Kathy Connell, executive producer of the SAG Awards show (down 9.8% pay cut to $252,506); and Linda Dowell, Assistant National Executive Director of Locals (down 8.5% to $168,870).

Like all of the union’s elected officers, President Ken Howard receives no salary but got $42,097 in reimbursed expenses. Three other execs – McGuire, Holdridge and Pam Greenwalt, the union’s Chief Communications and Marketing Officer — were reimbursed more than $40,000, and four others received more than $30,000.

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