SAG-AFTRA Board Member helps cast NON-UNION WORK!!!


I Found the following ads soliciting non-union work on a website called of  all things SAG-AFTRA ACTOR.

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Non-union audition, Killer App
This posting is from Craigs list. If you apply do so with the same caution you should use with listings on Craigslist.


Package Entertainment is casting for the short film Killer App.

What: Killer App Casting Call
When: Wednesday, July 23 – 7:00 to 10:00
Where: Sun Media Productions, 5320 South Procyon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Looking for 3 male Principal parts and a featured extra.

Details, break-downs can be found at:

Hope to see you there



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Nightclub commercial and promo auditions (non-union)

Currently casting TV spot for one of Las Vegas’ hottest nightclubs. Seeking young, energetic, beautiful, fit, sexy, alluring models. Male and Female. Pay based on role.
Submit headshots and links to portfolios only. No resumes please. Filming early November. Casting by October 30th. Must be over 21 and have proof of age


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Non Union Commercial Casting

Need female talent for jewelry commercial.
Age 18-35
Pay $100
Please send photo and resume to
Note that this is from Craigslist, appropriate caution suggested. Not that non-union commercials may interfere with far more prosperous union work in the same product category in the future,

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Way to go Art that’s The Ol’ SAG-AFTRA Board Member Spirit!!!  Look, you think that’s bad, what if I told you that around a Dozen of our SAG-AFTRA board members are soliciting voice over work on the non-union compliant voice-casting website Voices 123.  Not surprisingly, all but one of them is an AFTRA board member.

No, I’m not gonna name them now, but I think in the next election our members need to know who’s playing by the same rules–they are  expected to play by–and who ain’t.  Hopefully, by  then those board members will no longer be soliciting work on the above mentioned website.

Hey, I know union culture in AFTRA is different than it is in SAG.  Even, now, SAG-AFTRA allows AFTRA broadcasters to work non-union. (One reason I was against the merger)  Look, I know-and like-some of these folks…but in all fairness, I think our membership, voting in a union election, have a right to know the candidates stance on this issue.

What about you?  Of course, comments are always welcome.  See below.


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

*Note that recently the following disclaimer has been posted at the tail end of the SAG-Actor Now non-union job solicitations.

 ‘Note that this is trough Craigslist, so use appropriate caution. Most commercials audition through local agencies. It is obviously non-union, so union talent must follow Rule One and not work without a union contract.’

*Oh, by the way don’t bother to look for the ads posted above on the internet, I tried today and for some reason they have all but disappeared since I teased this story in the article posted below!  As Reverend Al would say:

“Nice try but we got you!”