The Watchdog’s Amazing DeBUNKalator Debunks the Restore Respect Mudslingers latest desperate mailer!


In a effort to get the truth out to our membership, your Ol SAG Watchdog has run the latest Restore Respect mailer through our Amazing DeBUNKalator’s TruthAlizer! Here’s how it works! First Abner Furbish Jr. wearing his slime resistant gloves will take the toxic RR mailer.

and place it into the Amazing DeBUNKalator! He will then activate the Amazing TruthAlizer…

And viola we get a copy of the mailer after it has been TruthAlized!

Unfortunately, after running a RR document through the DeBUNKalator, we have to give Mr. Furbish time to clean out the Amazing DeBUNKalator’s PukeAlizer!


Once that’s done we’ll try and get Mr. Furbish to run side two of the mudslinging mailer through the Amazing Machine.

A.L. Miller SW Editor& Chief WOOF !