First Alan! Now Arlin! The Double Whammy!!!!


Okay, the current UFS leadership left former SAG president Alan Rosenberg off the LA delegate ballot because they had registered him as a New York resident.  Although Mr. Rosenberg has clearly been a LA resident for several decades, perhaps he was labeled a New Yorker because he was seen unsuccessfully trying to hail a cab, take a bus–or being fearful of ordering a large soft drink.

As for the Ol’ Dog, he wouldn’t have been able to vote for Alan anyway, because the ballot he received was blank in the space on the backside where LA delegates are supposed to be listed. See ballot below. (Click the pic to enlarge. Re-click to return to post.)


Apologizes for the fingers in the photo.  Trust me, if I had intended for fingers in the photo, there would  only have been ONE!!!!


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

*If you received a similar LA ballot you might want to contact SAG-AFTRA.