2017 SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local Election Results



On Thursday, August 24, 2017, the ballot tabulation of the Los Angeles Local election was conducted. Jane Austin was re-elected Los Angeles President.

For tabulation results, click here.

In addition, the following candidates ran unopposed and are deemed elected without the necessity of a balloted election:

Local Board Member – Broadcaster – Robert G Archer; Local Board Member – Dancer – Danielle Towne; Local Board Member – Singer/Recording Artist – Jasper Randall; National Board Member – Singer/Recording Artist – Dan Navarro; Convention Delegate – Broadcast – Entertainment – Mike Sakellarides; Convention Delegate – Broadcast – News/Information – Zohreen Adamjee and Robert G Archer; Convention Delegate – Dancer – Danielle Towne

Those members elected as Local Officers, Local Board members and Convention Delegates, by virtue of their election to those positions, are also eligible to serve as Alternate National Board members who may be called upon to serve at National Board meetings when National Board members from the Los Angeles Local are unable to attend. The Local President, Local Officers and National Board members, by virtue of their election to those positions, shall also serve as Convention Delegates.

The newly elected leaders take office immediately.

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