Adam Carolla: Most Hated Thumbs His Nose at SAG Again

By the thundering boos that erupted at the mention of Adam Carolla’s name at a 2000 strike rally at the Palladium, he was the town’s most hated actor!

Mr. Carolla was the recipient of the boos and catcalls because of derisive remarks made on national TV belittling actors’ efforts during the grueling 2000 strike!

After the successful conclusion to the strike, in which SAG keep its Class A spots and got a hundred and forty percent bump in cable, Mr. Carolla, who had been a hot commodity at the time, cooled off considerably.

Well, his name has resurfaced in a manner that will do little to increase his standing among SAG members. According a website announcing Casting News & Projects, Mr. Carolla will soon star in a Non-Union movie!


We have a “NEW” Non Union Film starting June 18th, with Adam Carolla! It is titled “The Hammer”! Details of what we are looking for to follow soon!

But not to worry starving-actors will not starve. if they work on Adam’s new non-union movie. This from his website:

“The Hammer”, starring Adam Carolla and Heather Juergensen, is looking for UNPAID extras.Here are the details:

–Shooting in L.A. from June 18-July 17 (we’ll need you for ONE of those days)
–No pay, but meals will be provided

Synopsis: At 39 years old, Jerry Ferro returns to competitive boxing after a 20-year layoff, thus beginning this hilarious fish-out-of-water quest for Olympic gold.

If interested, please e-mail

Thanks!! I hope to meet some of you on set.

Marc Chambers
Asst. Webmaster, “The Adam Carolla Show”

Food for thought with just a little taste of what actors could expect if there was no SAG to protect ALL of our actors. If you’d like to view the actual post click the following”

Once again, it seems SAG member Adam Carolla is thumbing his nose at the Screen Actors Guild! Only this time, it also seems the guild may be in a position to return the favor in a meaningful way!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

For the record the Ol’ Dog called SAG before posting this article, and the above mentioned movie is not a SAG signatory!