Hyperbole from SAG AFTRA Informal Meeting!

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Postby Michele Santopietro » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:07 pm

Yesterday at the “informational meeting” about the proposed merger, there was more fraud perpetrated on the membership of Screen Actors Guild.

I asked two questions at the mic.

The first, was a question regarding the MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS of SAG and AFTRA. I asked Ned Vaughn what the exact number of ACTORS in Screen Actors Guild is, as well as the exact number of ACTORS in AFTRA, and the exact number of ACTORS in AFTRA who ARE NOT SAG MEMBERS.

Ned Vaughn said that he ‘didn’t know how to answer that’ because SAG members are all actors.

I said, “Based on the Unit Determinations.”

Ned Vaughn said “Ahh…”

I said “Based on the Federal Unit Determinations”

Ned Vaughn deferred to Kim Hedgepeth. Hedgepeth REFUSED to give any numbers regarding the ACTORS in AFTRA. She said “there’s no way of determining which members are actors and which members are part of other groups”

I said “Well, I get a mailer from AFTRA every year that asks me to tick off the box for what profession I fall under, Actor, Broadcaster, etc, so you have to know what the numbers are for each”

Hedgepeth said “No, there’s just no way to know that.”

I said “Well, then just the number of non-SAG Actors in AFTRA will do”

Hedgepeth said “There’s no way to determine that number”

I said “Okay, so you refuse to disclose that number.”

Hedgepeth and Vaughn and the Governance of Screen Actors Guild ABSOLUTELY know these numbers. We’re heading into a potential merger with another union and they are claiming they have no data on Unit Employee numbers.


What they are doing is suppressing the important information that would expose this situation for what it is–FRAUD.
There ARE no AFTRA-only ACTORS. A few hundred to a thousand AT MOST.

WE ARE MERGING WITH OURSELVES. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL MEMBERS IN OUR UNIT PARAMETERS. That’s vitally important information when you deal with Union issues where the NLRB needs to determine which union has MAJORITY STATUS.

The second question I asked was this:

“I picked up this document on the back table there, this ’40 Mythbusters about Merger’, where the word ‘fact’ is used 43 times within the document. What person or pesons or committee are responsible for writing this document?

Ned Vaughn said “Well, it was written by the joint committees of both SAG and AFTRA”

I said, “Okay, so it was written by MY UNION. Good to know, because when you are presenting information as a fact that isn’t, it’s a material misrepresentation to Union members and constitutes the perpetuation of fraud on the Membership of Screen Actors Guild.

Thanks for the report Michele!
The Ol’ Watchdog