Another AFTRA Indy Candidate for your consideration


Johnny Crear

I’ve been asked, by those who know me, and have worked with me, to run for both the National and Local AFTRA boards.

My goal is casting. In casting my intention is to try to bring about more acceptance, more awareness of all ages, all ethnic groups, that truly represent the demographics of our society!


I’ve had over 20 years of voluntary committee service for both AFTRA and SAG. I am presently a member of the 50s-60s-70 Something Cold Reading Committee and the 50-60-70 WGA/AFTRA/SAG Projects Readings Committee. I also participate, when requested, as one of the Actor/Directors. My first involvement in committee work was with the SAG Rap Session Committee back in the early 80s. I was then asked to become one of the first members of the original SAG Casting Committee, of which I happily accepted. Make your choice based on credentials and union involvement. Please make your vote count!